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New Arrivals

Diaper Covers

Our diaper covers can be used along with our custom fit absorbent pad, over a fitted diaper or prefold or with just about any cloth diapering absorbent pad on the market!

These are a fantastic choice for diaper service users as they can work with either a fitted diaper or prefold.  Simply machine wash and hang dry or dry on low heat.


With all cloth diapering products, never use chlorine bleach, added fabric softeners or active enzyme detergent formulas. 

Swim Diapers

Your baby will be splashing in style in this multi-award winning swimmer!


 Your baby will play in comfort with the soft pique next to skin, and little messes kept contained by the soft and wide elastic at the legs and breathable waterproof outer.  Getting the perfect fit, and changes are a breeze with our double rows of snaps!


Swimmers are designed to keep solids contained and are non-absorbent.  (An absorbent diaper would absorb the water and weigh your baby down!)


If your baby does soil their diaper, be sure to change them promptly to avoid any potential contaminations. 

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